Yara has a private practice in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Here she provides Energy Work, Body Work (Holistic Pulsing) or a combination of both.
Ecstatic Shaking clinics are given in beautiful venues in Haarlem and Amsterdam.

Sessions and clincs are in Dutch or English.


Individual sessions can also be done long distance.  This has the same effect as healing sessions in a live setting. There will be contact through zoom.

Yara can be invited for International Retreats. Contact her to find out about options.

The website is currently going through some changes. It will become multilingual (NL and EN), receive updated information and a new layout.

Love, Yara

The greatest joy to be found in human experience is the discovery of the true Self, the recognition of that which is our Source, and has sustained us eternally, and is actually what we are.

It is the true source of the sense “I”, before anything personal is added to it. When we slip from personal lives into impersonal source, every cell in our body rejoices in the remembering.


– B. Greenwell, PhD

Get to Know Yara

360° Yara – What They Say

Yara is caring, open and warm. I feel at home immediately, with a cup of tea as a welcome. She does everything with a lot of love and attention. I can relax on the table, full of trust that she will do what is right. The result? I feel more grounded and lighter. And I clearly did let go of unneeded baggage. With Yara I feel in good hands.
Yara listens with attention and feels-in with softness. She looks with love and is LIGHT. Like she lives the attitude of -being- she is an example to live in light and love with yourself and others. As a friend I feel grateful to see how she walks her path as the wise women she is. It is inspiring!
So much power, so much light, and such a good eye for seeing your challenging points. She helps you with love and gives you back your strength! I would definitely recommend her!
Yara creates a nice and warm atmosphere. I feel safe and relaxed by the soft energy that arises. Yara can listen well and feels what is needed in the moment.
When you are together with Yara, you will enter the realm of feelings. In connection with her, you feel the energy that is present in yourself and in the contact. It does not necessarily need any words. If there will be words connected to it, the conversation confirms what is already present. It is an empowering feeling to trust on this form of communication and connection.

Anchor Yourself on Earth

There is currently a lot happening on the earth. The recent situation with COVID-19 brings a lot in movement. Within our Self and in the outer world. Beside this situation there is already for years the problem of climate change. An economy what is built on greed. And more.

I feel we as human beings need to establish a connection with mother earth again. We need to feel we belong to this earth. That she nurtures us. That she is love, just as we are. And that we need this connection to bring healing to this world and to our Self. Therefore I made a video about a powerful practice you can do.


Instagram/Facebook has changed their accessibility. For now, please visit my Instagram account by search: yara.vd.eertwegh