The Hara

Hara healing happens on the level of the Hara dimension, what has its place underneath the Auric dimension. BHS views the Hara as a golden laser line of light between heaven and earth. The Auric field is formed upon the Hara.
There are three energy centers on the Hara line: the tan tien, soul seat and ID point. The tan tien is the home base of yourself. It is the one note with witch you draw up our physical body from the earth. The soul seat (or higher heart) holds your longings for this earth life, included the spiritual longing that leads you through life. Through your ID point you have a direct connection with God/Source.
The Hara is the level of intention. From this dimension you create your life, by effortless intentions. Anywhere in your life where you have trouble creating what you long for (health, purpose, relational, etc.), is where you have mixed or split intentions. The Hara line has a specific, immediate correspondence with your intentionality. Any change in your intentionality corresponds to a shift in the position and alignment of the Hara line.
By Hara healing I bring your Hara line back in a right alignment. Repair breaks on the line, strengthen it and work with distortions in the different centers on the line.

For Who

Hara healing is a profound healing technique that helps you align with your True Being and by that create the life that is longed for with more ease. It is of great assistance in every situation that shows a split intention in your life, what prevents you from living your purpose and realizing your longings.
Hara healings can be supportive in situations/periods of deeper healing processes and transformations. It is of help during questions around choices, purpose, career, etc. Hara healing is also of great support in connecting with the earth on a deeper level and incarnate more fully into the body. In owning your power and presence.
On a physical level it is of great assistance with chronical illnesses, back and alignment problems and addictions.

Self-Care for Hara healings

A Hara healing is different from an Auric healing. It can be experienced as more intense. Because it happens on the dimension from where you create your life, it can have a direct impact on your life. This is sometimes experienced as unsettling. Although it can also integrate effortless and aligned. A Hara healing needs often more time to integrate than healing on the Auric dimension. It is strongly recommended to create sufficient time for yourself in the two days after the Hara healing. Do not drink alcohol or use drugs in the 48 hours prior the Hara healing and after.
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Source: Core Light Healing, 2017. B. Brennan.